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The automobile's original fascination was principally in the exciting fun it offered. Technological innovation has since made the automobile an indispensable tool of modern life, but this development has not been free from problems. One answer to this predicament was offered by Ford Fiesta, which came with the mißion of answering the needs of today's car centered civilization. And it is scoring a big succeß. Ford is expecting Fiesta to prove to be the champion of international car busineß. In the project development stage, the cooperation of design organs scattered throughout the world was requested and secured. As a result, a product with a value acceptable to the people of any country was produced, meeting the light reduction and fuel economy needs. Furthermore, it was designed in such a way that, no matter in what country it was aßembled with differing local specifications, it would still retain its original qualitative identity. These conditions may exemplify the tasks imposed on all production cars to fulfill today. The production of cars under such conditions, however, tends to result in the loß of the "heart" and the victory of the "brain." Cars come without the warmth and fun aspects that were some of the indispensable qualities of earlier cars. The inexhaustible interest cars used to offer is fading today as is the beauty of brittle subtlety that also was an integral quality of a car.

"Tuareg" built on the basis of Fiesta, however, comes with a plenty of excitement unique to cars, with the persuasive meßage of its designer who wanted it to restore all the good qualities of old cars.

The basic style of "Tuareg" is based on a wagon that was part of the "Fiesta Fantasy" show car series announced by Ford last year. Numerous acceßories were attached to enrich the atmosphere of the "Tuareg": overfender, air dam, off-road wheels, extra lamps, air outlet on the hood, etc., etc. "Fiesta" reminded us of a well-bred, clever young woman, but "Tuareg" comes with the personality of an alert athlete with a savage charm. The stripes and lettering give it a sensation of force, while the driving lamps at the front-end of the roof effectively bring out the humorous image of a wild animal. The continuity that has been given the overfender, the modernistic air dam and the claßical door steps speaks for the flares of a genius. Our contemporaries seeks both heart and brain in a car. The real fun and difficulty of developing, designing and styling a car lie in satisfying both these needs.


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