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    1976-1980: SaarlouisQ
1979-1983: Cologne*Q
1977-1983: Dagenham 1976-1983: Almusafes near Valencia  
1976 109.8381 84.131Q   17.5082 Germany: Begin of production 11.05.1976Q
Spain: 1st Fiesta on 18.10.1976.3
1977 440.9694 167.217Q   214.0005 World: 500.000th Fiesta in November 1977.6
Spain: 100.000th Fiesta in June 1977.7
1978 449.8078 149.694Q   258.0009 World: 750.000th Fiesta in May 1978.10
Spain: Most produced car next to Seat 127 (140.000 cars in 1978). Ford largest car exporter.11
1979 444.40212 202.868Q   232.43213 World: 1.000.000th Fiesta on 09.01.1979 in Saarlouis.Q
World: More than 1.3 Mio. Fiestas, as of October 1979.Q
Spain: 500.000th Fiesta on 02.01.1979.15
1980 450.92716 157.180Q     World: 1.500.000th Fiesta, probably in January/February.17
1981 357.10518 77.537Q     World: 2.000.000th Fiesta on 25.03.1981 in Cologne.Q
Spain: 1.000.000th Fiesta on 02.01.1981.20
1982 327.56821 113.774Q     Spain: 10/1982 more than 1.4 Mio. Fiestas produced.22
1983 356.51723 135.251Q     Figures most probably include Fiesta II.
Sums 2.937.133 1.087.652      

* Begin of production in Cologne later than October 1979.Q

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