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France top

In Spring 1982 or 1983, the limited edition "Surf" is on sale. Until 31.05., there is a competition at all Ford outlets in which 300 surf boards "BIG-MARINE" can be won.Q

Germany top

The Ford Fiesta is introduced with three motor (1.0 l LC, 1.0 l HC, 1.1 l) and four decor (Base model, L, S, Ghia) choices.

The Fiesta is awarded the "Goldene Lenkrad" (Golden Steering Wheel) of Bild am Sonntag. At this time, 64.000 Fiestas have been ordered.

12/1976 or 01/1977
After 6 months 118.400 Fiestas have been sold, then the best sales result for any new car in Europe.

The Fiesta Expreß is introduced (delivery car version without rear side windows and rear seats).

500.000 Fiestas produced.

750.000 Fiestas produced In the Germany registration statistics the Fiesta comes in first in its claß.

Special model "Avus II".

On 09.01.1979 the 1.000.000th Fiesta is produced. Special model "Millionär" (Millionaire).

The new decor option group Fiesta GL is introduced at the Brußels Automobile Salon on 16.01.1980.Q
1.500.000 Fiestas built.

Special model Fiesta X.

Special model "Del Sol" (sun roof)Q.

Introduction of the Fiesta "Super S": 1.1 or 1.3 l engine, 6x13" alloy rims (RS programme) with 185/60 SR 13 tyres, front and rear spoilers, wider mudguards, radiator grill in the same colour as the car, bodyside stripes, additional halogen lights, rear window washer.Q

Special model Fiesta "Festival".

On 25.03.1981 the 2.000.000th Fiesta is produced.

Special model "Bravo" (to celebrate the 2.000.000th Fiesta).Q

"Facelifting" of the 1982 Fiestas models: stronger bumpers, changed outside mirrors and door handles etc. Improved decor option groups and engines. The GL choice is no longer available, instead the new Fiesta XR 2.

The Fiesta II is introduced.

More special models: Fiesta Lady, Fiesta Festival 2 (spring 1983).

Source: KorpQ and others.

The Netherlands top

In the Netherlands, the standard models of the Fiesta are called Festival (equiv. to base model in Germany), Bravo (equiv. To L in Germany), Ghia, S and XR 2 (as of 1982).Q

Spain top

In Spain, several limited editions were ißued as well, among them

Thanks to Ricardo for this information.

Switzerland top

The models other than the base model were called L, S and Ghia as in Germany. The limited editions Supersport and Festival were offered as well (as of 1980).Q

UK top

In the UK, the Fiesta is introduced in February 1977.Q
Apart from the standard models there have been numerous special editions:Q Q

Released Name Number of
produced cars
August 1978 Special or Limited Edition? 2000
December 1978 Kingfisher 2500
March 1979 Million 3100
December 1979 Sandpiper 2500
1980/1981 Popular
Features: 1.0 l engine
1980/1981 Popular Plus
Features: 1.0 l and 1.1 l engines
January 1980 Jubilee 60
Juli 1980 Firefly 2000
September 1980 Festival  
October 1980
February - August 1981
Features: tuned 1.3 l engine with 75 bhp, 13" RS Alloy Wheels, special body kit incl. Rear spoiler, wheel arch and front valence extensions
March 1981 Sandpiper II 4000
June 1981 Bravo 3000
June 1981 1300L 2000
April 1982 Bravo II 4000
April 1982 Economy  
December 1982 Carnival 3000
January 1983 Quartz 7000
April 1983 Fineße
Features: 1.1 l engine

Additionally: Fiesta Fly.
Fiesta X-Series: An upgrade scheme incl. Rear spoiler, roof top spoiler, wheel archs (wider than the XR 2, similar to XR 2 Mk. 2), side skirts, front and rear valences similar to XR 2 Mk. 2, 7x13 RS alloy wheels. The engine upgrade kit for the 1.1 l engine increases output by 20%.Q

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